45 Fishes Battery Operated Fishing Game Children’s Play Toys W / Music 12 – Inch

This is a beautiful classic battery operated fishing game children’s play toy. It contains a total of 45 small fish, 4 fishing rods and a large 12.2 inches game board. Of course, with nice music too.
The fish has 4 colors, orange, green, yellow and pink. Each fish is about 1.2 inches tall.
The fishing rod features a flexible design with hook. It also has 4 different colors and size about 8 inches long.
Around the fish pond, 4 colorful baskets are nicely located. Children can place all fish they catch into this basket. At the edge of each basket, you can see a small slot, which is specifically designed to insert fishing rods.
Look~ wonderful pure music is starting, fish pond game board is spinning and 45 little fish are opening and closing their mouths rhythmically.
It’s time to go fishing, let’s get ready!
45 fish and 4 fishing rods, ideal for fishing competitions with at least 3 partners.
1.2-inch fish, smart size but exquisite workmanship. Round big eyes, mouthful of sharp teeth and flexible jaws, makes it very appealing to kids.
With music and a switch on / off button control, easy for kids to operate. Detachable basket with a fishing rod hole, makes it easy to store fish and place fishing rod vertically. Very brilliant eye-catching color combination, so attractive to children. Powered by AA battery, not included.
Accessory Including:
1 x fishing pond game board
4 x fishing rods
45 x fish
Fishing pond game board size: 31 * 33 * 4.5 cm ( 12.2 * 13 * 1.8 inches )
Fish size: 3 cm long ( 1.2 inches )
Fishing rod: about 8 inch
Battery Info.: Works with 3 * AA battery ( not included )


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